Center receives fall 2015 German Embassy Campus Week Award

 German unity
 The Center for European Studies has once again received an award from the German Embassy's German Information Center to sponsor a series of fall term events on the theme 25 Years German Unity.  Together with the History and German Clubs, we are organizing a several student discussion and film nights, a formal debate between Rutgers' two leading debate and discussion teams, the Rutgers Debate Union and the Rutgers Association of International Relations, on the challenge posed by integrating the flow of migrants and refugees into Germany, and an informal roundtable on Germany's evolving identity later in the term.  The German Embassy's German Information Center sponsors Campus Weeks each fall to promote reflection on and discussion of the evolution of Germany's role in 21st century as well as its partnership with the United States.
Watch this space for updates on events!  Currently planned or scheduled:
October 20:  9:00 pm Student Debate between the Rutgers Association of International Relations and the Rutgers Debate Union at the Red Lion Cafe, Rutgers Student Center
October 27:  9:30 pm Tuesday, 27 October, 9:30 pm.  Discussion -  Ossi und der Besser Wessi/East and West divide in Germany
What differences existed in the two Germanies and has 25 years of unity mitigated them? - hosted by the History Club at Van Dyck Hall, Rm 301, CAC
November 5: 9:00 pm  Gegen die Wand film/Head-On
An international drama of romance, prison, and identity, hosted by the German Club at the German House, 172 College Ave., CAC
November 10:  9:30 pm. Discussion -   Türkeistämmige in Deutschland/Turks and/or Germans?
What is the relationship between Turkish Germans and ethnic Germans? How have these identities been contrasted with each other?  hosted by the History Club at Van Dyck Hall, Rm 301, CAC
November 11: 2:00 pm. Conference - The Contested Unity of Modern Germany
German House, 172 College Avenue, CAC
Jan-Werner MuellerEurope's Existential Crisis: What Exactly Is It?
Kathleen Sclafani,
Questions of German Identity: Interrogating National Borders in Conemporary German Films
Frederica Franze, Hybrid Identities in German Transnational Narratives