The Rutgers Center for European Studies (CES) Faculty Advisory Board is comprised of Europeanists from across Rutgers University. Members of the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) represent a variety of disciplines, departments, and schools, in order to ensure that CES activities are interdisciplinary and have a broad reach across the university and beyond.

The FAB is chaired by the center director, Professor Sadia Abbas (sadiaab@newark.rutgers.edu) and meets officially once per semester. In addition to official meetings, the director regularly updates FAB members on center activities and major decisions, and solicits their input when appropriate.

Members of the Faculty Advisory Board
Sadia Abbas Assoc. Professor, English (RU-N); Director, CES
Ethel Brooks Assoc. Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies; Sociology
Belinda Davis Professor, History
Regina Karl Asst. Professor, German
R. Daniel Kelemen Professor, Political Science
Pavel Khazanov Asst. Professor, Russian
Jan Kubik Professor, Political Science
Tobias Schulze-Cleven Assoc. Professor, Center for Global Work and Employment, School of Management and Labor Relations
Andrés Zervigón Professor, Art History