The Rutgers Center for European Studies (CES) Faculty Advisory Board is comprised of Europeanists from across Rutgers University. Members of the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) represent a wide variety of disciplines, departments, and schools in order to ensure that CES activities are interdisciplinary and have a broad reach across the university and beyond.

The FAB is chaired by the center director, Professor Belinda Davis (bedavis@rutgers.edu), and meets officially once per semester. In addition to official meetings, the director regularly updates FAB members on center activities and major decisions, and solicits their input when appropriate.

Members of the Faculty Advisory Board
Ethel Brooks Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies; Sociology
Belinda Davis Professor, History; Director, CES
Eric Davis Professor, Political Science/UNMA
Wolfram Hoefer Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Pavel Khazanov Asst. Professor, German, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures
Jan Kubik Professor, Political Science
Tobias Schulze-Cleven Asst. Professor, Center for Global Work and Employment, School of Management and Labor Relations
Laura Weigert Professor and Director of Medieval Studies
Carla Yanni Professor and Co-Director of Rutgers British Studies Center
Andrés Zervigón Professor, Art History
Affiliated Faculty
Ousseina Alidou Africana Studies
Michael Camossa Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
James Niessen Alexander Library
Robin Fox Anthropology
Sarah Blake McHam Art History
Serena Connolly Classics
Leah Kronenberg Classics
Rebecca Walkowitz English
Richard Serrano French
Emily Van Buskirk Germanic, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures
Martha Helfer Germanic, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures
Rudolph M. Bell History
Alastair Bellany History
Leah Devun History
Melissa Feinberg History
Ziva Galili History
Jochen Hellbeck History
Jennifer Jones History
Temma Kaplan History
Samantha Kelly History
James Masschaele History
Bonnie Smith History
Andrea Baldi Italian
Paola Gambarota Italian
Elizabeth Leake Italian
Jeffrey Shandler Jewish Studies
Nancy Sinkoff Jewish Studies and History
Paola Tartakoff Jewish Studies
Stephen Bronner Political Science
R. Daniel Kelemen Political Science
Jan Kubik Political Science
Manus Midlarsky Political Science
James T. Johnson Religion
Tobias Schulze-Cleven School of Management and Labor Relations
Jozsef Borocz Sociology
Nuria Sagarra Spanish and Portuguese
John R. Pucher Urban Planning and Public Policy
Mary Gossy Women's and Gender Studies