Zerin pictureSamuel Zerin is a musicologist, music theorist, composer, and pianist.  He has held teaching positions at New York University and Brown University and is a chief editor of the International Journal of the Study of Music and Musical Performance (forthcoming).  His PhD dissertation, "A Miracle of Virtuosity": Joseph Achron as a Prodigy Performer-Composer, is the first critical biography of the Russian-Jewish violinist and composer Joseph Achron (1886-1943) and a theoretical investigation of late Romantic paradigms surrounding child prodigies and performer-composers.

 His primary research focuses on Jewish musical nationalism in the early 20th century, virtuosity and transcriptions in the long 19th century, and musical representations of supernatural creatures. Secondary interests include 21st century Chassidic Yiddish pop songs, music history and theory pedagogy, and digital archives. His website is www.SamuelZerin.com.