Founded in 2013, the Polish Jewish Studies Initiative (PJSI) is an international, interdisciplinary forum for scholars involved in research and teaching at the intersection of Polish and Jewish studies. This collaboration has generated an annual Polish Jewish Studies Workshop (PJSW) that brings together scholars, public intellectuals, artists, and cultural workers to identify new theoretical and methodological developments in the field of Polish Jewish Studies; to help scholars keep abreast of each others’ work across linguistic and continental divides; and to consider new vocabularies and research strategies in a hybrid and transnational cultural landscape. The PJSI Advisory Committee welcomes inquiries from institutions and organizations interested in applying to host the annual international Polish Jewish Studies Workshop.

PJSI Advisory Commmittee:
Irena Grudzinska-Gross, Princeton University
Jessie Labov, Central European University
Karen Underhill, University of Illinois at Chicago
Geneviève Zubrzycki, University of Michigan


1st Polish Jewish Studies Workshop, Ohio State University, 2014

2nd Polish Jewish Studies Workshop, Princeton University, 2015

3rd Polish Jewish Studies Workshop, University of Illinois-Chicago, 2016

4th Polish Jewish Studies Workshop, University of Michigan,, 2017