Undergraduate Courses Fall 2018

Master Undergraduate Catalog

This is a listing of POSSIBLE course offerings for European Studies majors and minors for Fall 2018; please make an appointment with Undergraduate Adviser Belinda Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm approval:

Course NumberDepartmentCourse TitleDayTimeRoomInstructor
01:360:301:01 European Studies Contemporary Europe (Construction of Contemporary Europe) T/Th 4:30-5:50 MH - 115 Svanur Petursson
01:510:101:08/09 History Ancient and Medieval Europe M/Th 9:50-11:10 MU-210 Kristin Pinyan
01:510:102:01 History Europe in the Global Age T/Th 2:50-4:10 CA-A3 Bertrand Metton
01:510:209:01/03 History Emergence Medieval Europe Th 11:30-2:30 HH-B3 Anthony Dibattista
01:510:224:01 History Europe: Gender, Sex, and Society M/W 4:30-5:50 MU-208 Seth Koven
01:510:225:90 History Dracula: Facts and Fictions n/a n/a n/a Stephen Reinert
01:510:261:01 History History of Holocaust online T/Th 6:10-7:30 VD-211  
01:510:303:01 History The Hellenistic World T 4:30-7:30 FH-A3 Aaron Hershkowitz
01:510:307:01 History Roman World Late Antiquity Th 4:30-5:50 CA-A5  
01:510:313:01 History Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain T/Th 2:50-4:10 MH-115  
01:510:319:01 History Age of Reformation T/Th 2:50-4:10 FH-B3 Anthony Dibattista
01:510:327:01 History 20th Century Europe M/W 4:30-5:50 FH-A5  
01:510:327:01 History World War II in Europe        
01:510:343:01 History Politics and Culture in England 1588-1720        
01:510:350:01 History Greek Society        
01:790:103:01-6 Political Science Comparative Politics T/Th 1:10-2:30 VD-211 Christine Cahill
01:790:106:01-06/90 Political Science Law & Politics M/W 2:50-4:10 SC-123 Yvonne Wollenberg
01:790:310:01 Political Science UK Politics (British Politics) online M/Th 9:15-10:35 HCK-211 Heather Pierce
01:790:311:01 Political Science European Politics M/W 3:55-5:15 CDL-110 Christine Cahill
01:790:315:01 Political Science Politics & Culture M/W 4:30-5:50 MI-100 Michael Rossi
01:790:316:01 Political Science Politics, Literature and the Arts (Passion and Death) M/W 3:55-5:15 HCK-211 Danielle Hanley
01:790:327:01/90 Political Science International Political Economy T/Th 3:55-5:15 LOR-115 David Walsh
01:790:361:01 Political Science International Organization online W 10:55-1:55 HICK-207 Ewan Harrison
01:790:362:01 Political Science International Law        
01:790:363:01 Political Science Conflict Resolution in World Politics        
01:790:369:01 Political Science Topics in World Politics: Migration and Refugees        
01:790:369:02 Political Science Topics in World Politics: Global Order        
01:790:371:01 Political Science Western Tradition        
01:790:379:01 Political Science Concepts of Liberty and Equality        
01:790:387:01 Political Science Politics and Culture in Greece and the Balkans        
01:790:389:02 Political Science Topics in Comparative Politics: Construction of Contemporary Europe *cross listed with European Studies core course 360:301
01:860:259:01 Russian Introduction to 19th C. Russian Literature        
01:860:272:01 Russian Russia: Between Empire and Nation        
01:860:315:01 Russian RDG Russian Literature in Russia        
01:860:348:01 Russian Autobiographical Creations in Russian Lit        
01:470:227 German Tales of Horror        
01:470:275:01 German Introduction to German Studies        
01:470:299:01 German Contemporary German Media & Society        
01:470:301:01 German Intro to Lit and Cultrual Analysis        
01:470:325:01 German The Short Narrative: 16th Century to Present        
01:470:360:01 German Classics of German Cinema (From Haunted Screen to Hyperreality)        
01:470:390:01 German Topics in German Literature and Civilization: From Nietszche to Superman        
01:420:160:01 French Short Stories of France        
01:420:171:01 French French Theatre Worshop        
01:420:215:01/02 French Aspects of French Literature        
01:420:217:H1 French Approaches to French Literature        
01:420:218:H1 French Approaches to French Literature        
01:420:241:01 French Major French Writers in Translation (Surrealism)        
01:420:242:01 French Major French Writers in Translation (Major French Plagiarists)        
01:420:297:01 French French Cultural Experience (French House)        
01:420:315:01/02 French French Civilization from the Middle Ages to Rev (Comment Peut-On Etre Francais?)        
01:420:335:01 French The French Novel        
01:560:231:01 Italian Italian Culture        
01:560:248:MA Italian A Cultural Tour of Italy        
01:560:258:MA Italian Italian Icons        
01:560:305:01 Italian Intro to Literature I        
01:560:316:01 Italian Fascism and Italian Culture        
01:560:351:01 Italian Italian Literature 20th Century        
01:560:355:01 Italian Love and Sex Italian Style        
01:560:391:01 Italian Italian Food Culture        
01:940:426:01 Spanish Don Quixote        
01:730:204:01 Philosophy Introduction to Classical Greek Philosophy        
01:730:302:01 Philosophy Plato and Aristotle        
01:730:308:01 Philosophy Hume, Kant, and the 18th Century        
01:730:343:01 Philosophy Marx and Marxism        
01:730:402:01 Philosophy Aristotle        
01:730:404:01 Philosophy Spinoza        
01:730:406:01 Philosophy 19th Century Philosophy        
01:190:206:01/02 Classics Roman Civilization        
01:190:207:01/90 Classics Greek and Roman Mythology        
01:190:214:01 Classics Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome        
01:190:215:01 Classics Intro to Greek and Roman Archaeology        
01:190:377:01 Classics Hero Ancient Greece and Rome        
01:190:381:01 Classics Greek Drama in Trans        
01:082:214:01 Art History Renaissance Art in Europe        
01:082:306:01 Art History Roman Art        
01:082:308:01 Art History Italy, 1250-1400 (The Hinge Between Medieval and Renaissance)        
01:358:230:01 English Major Topics and Authors in British Literature        
01:358:246:01 English Introduction to the Gothic        
01:358:306:01 English Chaucer        
01:358:309:01/02 English Issues & problems in Medieval Lit and Culture        
01:358:311:01 English Renaissance Literature: The 16th Century        
01:358:314:01 English Shakespeare: The Early Plays        
01:358:320:01 English Issues & Problems in Renaissance Lit and Culture        
01:358:326:01 English 18th Century Novel        
01:358:328:01 English Issues & Problems in 18th Century Lit and Culture        
01:358:332:01 English Victorian Literature        
01:358:335:01 English 19th Century Theater and Drama        
01:358:338:01 English Issues & Problems in 19th Century Lit and Culture        
01:358:363:01/02 English Issues & Problems in 20th Century Lit and Culture