Jakubczyk Sleczka pictureSylwia Jakubczyk-Ślęczka is a musicologist, Ph. D. candidate in the Musicology Institute at the Jagiellonian Univeristy in Krakow, Poland. Her dissertation is dedicated to the topic of ‘Musical Life of the Jewish Community at the Former Galician Lands in the Interwar Period’. She discusses this topic in her articles published in Polish and international journals (eg ‘Polin. Studies in Polish Jewry’, ‘Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia’, ‘Quaterly of Young Musicologist’, ‘Musica Galiciana’) as well as on academic conferences. She popularizes the issues concerning Jewish music occasionally as a music critic in the press, an author of radio broadcasts or a lecturer. She participated in Yiddish Summer Course in Vilna in 2009 and was a fellow at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York in 2013-2014.