Green Energy Alternatives: The Great Student Debate

Green Energy Alternatives:  The Great Student Debate

8:00 - 11:00 pm

Graduate Student Lounge, College Avenue Campus

Watch the Rutgers Debate Union and the Rutgers Association of International Relations go head to head in a formal debate hosted by the Center for European Studies and sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany's Transatlantic Climate Bridge program.  The first round of the tourney will debate the question of the reduction of CO2 emissions - is it ever useful for a country like Germany to unilaterally cut its own emissions if its actions put it at a competitive economic disadvantage?  The elimination round will focus on government support for renewable energy - is it better for the government to PAY a guaranteed price for energy produced from renewables, or instead to TAX carbon energy production at a higher rate and leave the technology choice to be determined by market forces?

The competition will be videotaped and the winning team's video entered into competition with other Transatlantic Climate Bridge debate groups from around the nation.


There will be fun giveaways and refreshments at this student-focused event!  Come and rate the teams (and the arguments)!

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